Government & Semi Government Services


Residence & Foreigners Affairs / E-Vision

Dependant Visa related applications in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) will be processed through E-Vision, the new visa application system introduced by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) in Dubai. Our services include applying for visa, renewing residency, applying for new residency, visa cancellation, in addition to any other related services. Use of E-Vision is now compulsory for all immigration transactions. Manual applications submitted to the immigration authorities will no longer be accepted.

E-Vision services we provide:

  • Issuing Residence Visa
  • Visa Stamping
  • Visa Renew
  • Issuing Change Status
  • De Attach Residence
  • Residence Cancellation
  • Visa Change to New Passport
  • Visit Visa Short Time
  • Visit Visa Long Time
  • Visa Extension (On Arrival)

Department of Economic Development Services

The Department of Economic Development has been exceptionally forward-thinking, and is moving towards a more streamlined electronic services system in which most aspects of the business set up process is conducted through the internet. ASO is constantly cooperating with Department of Economic Development & provides the following services:

DED services we provide:

  • Reserve Trade Name
  • Renew Trade Name
  • Issue Initial Approval
  • Renew Initial Approval
  • Issue License
  • Renew License
  • Cancel License
  • Update License Details
  • Processing License Details
  • Cancel and Liquidation of Commercial
  • Issuing Permits Commercial
  • Cancel Permits Commercial
  • Renew Permits Commercial
  • Update Permits Commercial
  • License Frozen
  • No Objection Certificate
  • Reserve Trade Name - Start Business Services
  • Issue Initial Approval Electronic - Start Business Services
  • Issuing Electronic Contract Incorporation
  • Follow-up Receipts
  • Print License
  • License Stamping
  • Printing Department of Economics Developement Form
  • EJARI Typing

Tas'heel Services

Tas'heel is a service hub for a lot of government transactions in the UAE like issuing government transactions like labor,health,immigration and ID card with excellent quality of service.

Tas-heel Services we provide:

  • Typing Workpermit transactions
  • Tas-heel Services for all Emirates
  • Open new establishment card and modification
  • Appling new quota - Quota modification - Quota Cancellation
  • Typing Pre Approval for Work Permit Application
  • Typing New - Renewal Electronic Work Permit
  • Typing Modification Electronic Work Permit
  • Typing Sponsorship Cancellation
  • Typing Refund Bank Guarantee
  • Original Contract (Urgent)
  • Issuance of E-Signature card (Urgent)

Emirates ID

The emirates ID authority has earmarked various centres to provide emirates id typing service to all type of individuals and deal with all related redressel arising out of issuance of emirates id, like replace or lost reissue.

Some of our excellent emirate id service includes:

  • Emirates ID for Local
  • Emirates ID for GCCEmirates ID New & Renew (2 Years)
  • Emirates ID New & Renew (3 Years)
  • Emirates ID Replacement
  • E-gate Services
  • Handing Letters & Special Need

Medical Typing Services

All expat residents are required to undergo a series of health and medical checks as part of their UAE residence visa application process. The medical test includes blood test and X-Ray check before they are granted Residence. Apart from this, there is pregnancy tests for maids, female drivers and baby sitters. This is applicable for renewing the visa also.

DHA / Medical Typing service includes:

  • Medical Normal ( One Week)
  • Medical Urgent (48 Hours)
  • Medical Urgent (24 Hours)
  • Medical Urgent (4 Hours)

Dubai Municipality Services

Apply for a health card which helps residents to low cost medical treatment at public hospitals and clinics. ASO helps the residents to apply Dubai Municipality Health Cards.


Amer Center Services

The Amer Service is a single hub of solution for all government services like as DNRD – Department of Naturalization and Residency Dubai, DED - Department of Economic Development, Emirates ID, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, DHA - Dubai Health Authority, Legal Translation, Health Insurance etc.

The DNRD department processes any entry permits, visit visas, residence visas, and more for entering and living in Dubai. DED with responsibilities including licensing, classification of economic activity permitted within Dubai, issuing trade permits for marketing activities and setting business work hours. DHA which is a government institution that oversees the health system in Dubai. This also focuses on providing services through DHA healthcare facilities, which includes hospitals, specialty centers, and DHA primary health centers.


Orient Insurance

Orient Takaful Insurance is one of the leading insurance company in middle east and GCC and provide with innovative risk solutions within a professional culture and personalized service at an affordable cost. Orient Takaful Insurance is have various insurance plans for Property Insurance, Marine Insurance, Travel Insurance, Medical Insurance, Motor Insurance, Life Insurance etc. Orient Insurance Company commenced operations in 1982 as a part of the reputed Al-Futtaim Group and has since recorded a progressively steady growth. ASO offers all services for Arab Orient Insurance related.